Monday, January 30, 2012

P.52 photo challenge: week 4.

I must admit two things:

1. I definitely like being in pictures. Always happy to jump in a picture. and often request pictures be taken. I seriously have the same self portrait of my husband & I - basically everywhere we have ever been. And it could be the same pic - over and over and over. Slightly diff. background, slightly diff. clothes - but the same pose and same two smiling faces.  I love it though.

2. I have definitely taken a billion pictures of myself over the years. I become curious how I look at a given time/place/event - so if I have my camera handy, I take a shot. And then I sure hope I will be happy with the result. And these pics - same self portrait - over and over. my face, fairly close up since my arm isn't all that long, and half my arm.  And usually, these self pics don't turn out that great. But ... every so often, I find a self pic I like.

So, for this week's photo challenge, the topic of self portrait should be thrilling, given the above two facts. However, in fact #2, I noted that usually, these self pics don't turn out that great.  and I would say that my self pics for this week's challenge didn't turn out that great.

Are we too critical of ourselves? I do believe yes, we are. If I come back months from now and look at below portraits, will I think they're eh so-so still? Maybe I'll love them.

So, I share three self portraits; pick one, any one.

Bonus: can you find the main difference in each photo? See answers at bottom of the post.

Answer: Hairstyle different in each. 

Ok now, what's next week's challenge?

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

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