blog hops & photo challenges

I often look for blog hops, photo challenges and linky parties.

I wrote a post a bit ago and included several sites that list tons of blog hops.  And I keep finding myself going back to that post, and since I also keep finding new sites to add to that post, it seemed to make sense to add a page with this info.

Easier to find. And easier to update.

Now, this page doesn't list every hop, party or challenge.  As I mention above, there are already many sites that have consolidated this info into great, comprehensive lists -- so I shall be a consolidator of consolidated lists.  Both efficient and resourceful I must say.

So, here are some of the sites that have the great lists.  Click below straight to that list page and enjoy!

a helicopter mom

live laugh love to shop

random deals

stardust - decor & style 

Oh, and if you have a site for me to add, please let me know!

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