Thursday, January 5, 2012


I really am in the mode to clean & organize.  I'm rereading "the happiness project" (for anyone who has not read it, I highly recommend).   In the book, January is designated for clearing out the physical and mental clutter.  you can't help but be motivated....

So tonight, while surfing online instead of clearing out the clutter (stated motivation questionable?),  I found a blog about uncluttering. it's called - wait for  There's a good post from a few days ago: "Seven routines and guidelines to live as an unclutterer - no super powers necessary".

Here are the seven guidelines:
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  1. Have a place for everything.
  2. When you're finished using something, put it away.
  3. The fewer things you own, the fewer things you have to store, maintain, put away, clean, etc.
  4. Only own things with utility and things that bring you happiness.
  5. One in, out out.
  6. Everyone does his/her part.
  7. Do a little every day.

Pretty straightforward, nothing overly complicated - and it does sound feasible. And I like the term uncluttering.  It sure sounds better than cleaning.  A lot more fun.

Now go forth and unclutter....
(maybe in the morning)

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