Friday, February 3, 2012

Gotta keep it going and up the product

Ok, I have been slacking slightly on the blog. I've only posted lately when I do the photo contest. Which i may be slacking at as well a little bit.  Ok, need to make time to do both of these, and do them well.

I wonder to myself, as I wrote once in the past, what could I write about that people would want to read? do people really want to hear about my life story? Or my daily activities? I think, probably not. So I think to myself....

What blogs do I read?

Well, if I stumble across someone's personal blog, where they do tell their life story and their daily activities, I'd probably stop to read a bit.  And sometimes I am drawn in, but seldom do I go back to an individual's personal blog.

In terms of the blogs I seek out and go back repeatedly, they are usually about online shopping (cool mom picks) nursery decor (project nursery, oh dee doh) and deals & discounts (baby cheapskateslick deals).  And then there are a ton of baby clothing sites I look at and the rest of my time is on Facebook, Pinterest and Etsy.  And from pinterest, I end up on all sorts of blogs.

So - what could I write about that would interest me if I was browsing online? Maybe a combo of the above. I've done that a little bit, here and there, but probably not enough.

I do think my Facebook status updates are kinda funny. And i think my Pinterest boards are good. So maybe I can combine all that stuff to make one "fine for reading" blog.

I would love your suggestions! Suggest away please.

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