Monday, February 27, 2012

Throw the ball. Not the remote.

The little buddy is in full throwing mode. He's been throwing his food when he's done for a while already. But now we're expanding to, well - everything.

pile of items thrown by the buddy last night



stuffed animals.


remote controls.

pianos (toy, of course)

sippy cups.


I've been finding myself pretty much saying (over and over. and over again);
"Buddy, we don't throw things. no, please don't throw the food. let's put it on the plate and say all done!" or, "no buddy, let's not throw our blocks. let's put them down gently, like this. nice blocks. nice blocks."
I lamented to my mom that this hasn't been working, she made an excellent observation.
"It's probably confusing to him. you're teaching him how to throw a ball, but then he shouldn't throw anything else. he probably thinks he should throw everything".
Good point.  It must be confusing for him.

So, any advice on teaching no throwing without sounding like a broken record? (keep in mind, said record might be broken from child throwing it!)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

random oscar thoughts....

billy crystal
i like him. he's funny. clean cut humor, but with a slight 'ribbing' here and there. liked when he 'knew what people were thinking'. 

the show

always like the opening scene when they drop the host into the best picture nominees.  like the random funny peeps they brought in. chris rock. will ferrell and zach galifianakis. how funny was his own mispronunciation of his name. he is so funny. see his opening act when he first hosted SNL.   liked the 'wizard of oz' focus group. 

christopher plummer
love that he won.  yea!! such a classy guy. ever since he was captain von trapp, i've been a fan. 

swooning for captain von trapp

holy high slit in the dress. i can't help, but i just am not a fan of hers. she just doesn't seem that nice to me. but i do like her humanitarian and charitable efforts.

own wilson

that deadpan voice of his makes me laugh every time i hear it. can't help but think of him in, oh, every role he's ever done. especially in meet the parents.

natalie portman
does she know each of the best actors personally? i found it funny how she 'spoke' to them each....the tone as she said,  'gary'.  'brad'. 

when colin firth presented, he didn't use quite her tone and speak to them as though he knew them all. i think meryl was the only one he knew.

thoughts so far. i'm an hour behind. still got a ways to go.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello Precious.

I love pinterest. who doesn't these days? Anyways, one of my boards is "ha ha. smile. laugh. funny." Pretty self explanatory, right?

Just have to share one of my favorites. I laugh EVERY time i think of it. And every time I see this pin. And my husband laughs too, which makes me laugh even more.

It's awesome. Enjoy.

Hello Precious.

And if you want to see some of the other pins on my ha ha. smile. laugh. funny. board - take a look.  To me, none as funny as Hello Precious, but a few strong runner ups....

And please share yours if you have any funny pics or sayings. I love them!

Friday, February 24, 2012

25 words every toddler needs to know.

Came across this article this morning - 25 Words Every Toddler Should Be Using By Age Two.  I am happy to say that little buddy has 20 of them down already at 18 months (granted, milk is articulated as "mi" and more is "ma").

But as with all "milestones" - every child is different. some say more, some say less, but most of them are talking just fine when they hit high school. same with walking, eating, etc. For the most part, we're just on our own track.

Anyways, Here's the list of words (checked the ones buddy says):
  1. all gone - nope. UPDATE: √ as of 2/28
  2. baby √
  3. ball √
  4. banana √
  5. bath √
  6. bye bye √ 
  7. book √
  8. car √
  9. cat √
  10. cookie √ (as in the monster)
  11. daddy √
  12. dog √
  13. eye √
  14. hat - never tried to say it.  UPDATE: √ as of mid March
  15. hello/hi - √ (new to the vocab)
  16. hot - nope, but understands it.  UPDATE: √ as of mid March
  17. juice √
  18. milk √
  19. mommy √
  20. more √
  21. no √
  22. nose √
  23. shoe √
  24. thank you - no, do lots of two yr olds say that? excellent manners!  UPDATE: √ as of early April
  25. yes - and a'no. has tried a few times - hard to say. AND, makes up for it with no, no, no, no, no UPDATE: √ all the time says yes

Thursday, February 23, 2012

P.52 photo challenge: week 8.

Cabin Fever. This picture to me depicts it. I'm not conveying cabin fever in the sense of 'cooped up' -- but cabin fever in such a way of comfort and homey-ness. If that makes any sense.

I love playing with little people and sesame street people with the little guy. And I especially love lining them up.

And lining up little people and all of the people at the house just said cabin fever to me.

Can you name all of the characters?

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Monday, February 20, 2012

P.52 photo challenge: week 7.

True love - this week's theme.  Well, that's my husband. But he prefers not to have his pic on "some random blog".  So, I'll have to find another way to depict him and that he's my true love.

And I know Valentine's Day dictated the theme of true love, and not to be cliche, but sitting right in front of me - the valentine from my husband. My true love.  As the card states....

"a simply perfect love story, and it's ours"

I dedicate this one to my true love, my dear spouse.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Thursday, February 9, 2012

P.52 photo challenge: week 6.

Ok - this week i'm ahead of the game!! When I saw the theme "drink up" I knew i wanted to get a pic of the little guy with one of his sippy cups.  I had a few options:

1) drinking from sippy cup
2) doing "cheers" (aka clinking cups with someone)
3) feeding milk to one of his many toy animal friends

And #3 it is. Love this pic. So cute and every time the little guy feeds one of his toy friends, I just am full of love with how incredibly sweet he is. Such a sweetie.

Enjoy the pic!

sweetie sharing a drink with baby elmo

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

P.52 photo challenge: week 5.

Yikes. I'm behind. It's already week six, but I just finished week five. I think i'm having trouble a bit with the themes....or with having a camera at a time when I am thinking about the theme.

Nevertheless, shadows. That is week five's theme. Here is my photo for the week. Kind of a cool shadow image from the chandelier.


Thanks for reading! next week's will be better I promise! The theme is drink up. I know exactly what I shall shoot!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cookie starts with C. And J is for Joe-Joe's.

Have you ever had them? They are amazing cookies from Trader Joe's.  And they are delicious.  Capital D.  And so addicting.

When they are in my house, after every meal, I find myself thinking about them. Seriously.  After every single meal, I just think - mmmmm, Joe Joe's.  Kinda like cookie monster.

I feel like this:

Me Want Cookies!

Gotta keep it going and up the product

Ok, I have been slacking slightly on the blog. I've only posted lately when I do the photo contest. Which i may be slacking at as well a little bit.  Ok, need to make time to do both of these, and do them well.

I wonder to myself, as I wrote once in the past, what could I write about that people would want to read? do people really want to hear about my life story? Or my daily activities? I think, probably not. So I think to myself....

What blogs do I read?

Well, if I stumble across someone's personal blog, where they do tell their life story and their daily activities, I'd probably stop to read a bit.  And sometimes I am drawn in, but seldom do I go back to an individual's personal blog.

In terms of the blogs I seek out and go back repeatedly, they are usually about online shopping (cool mom picks) nursery decor (project nursery, oh dee doh) and deals & discounts (baby cheapskateslick deals).  And then there are a ton of baby clothing sites I look at and the rest of my time is on Facebook, Pinterest and Etsy.  And from pinterest, I end up on all sorts of blogs.

So - what could I write about that would interest me if I was browsing online? Maybe a combo of the above. I've done that a little bit, here and there, but probably not enough.

I do think my Facebook status updates are kinda funny. And i think my Pinterest boards are good. So maybe I can combine all that stuff to make one "fine for reading" blog.

I would love your suggestions! Suggest away please.