Friday, January 20, 2012

xoxo. Gossip Girl.

just watched the mid-season premiere. love love love chuck & blair. blair and louie cannot get married (i know, they won't).

chuck & blair are meant to be. in the fantasyland of TV. they have such an incredible connection you can practically feel it.  yes, i know, it means that Leighton and Ed are good actors.  and yes, i know that these are tv characters and not real people.  but i just love those two together.

love me some chuck & blair
are they the ross & rachel of GG? nah, that wasn't volatile enough.  the lucas & peyton? the ryan & marissa? 

(yes! i know these are shows geared towards high schoolers, and that i am actually the age of the character's show parents!!!) enough. xoxo. 

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