Monday, March 5, 2012

I never finish anythi...

I came across a new blog today - "Becoming a Finisher." I just love the name of the blog, the term and the goal!

I myself would like to become a "finisher", having suffered from "Lack of Finishing" syndrome from time to time. Let's see, I've started (key word being started):

  • scrapbook while pregnant - stopped after five months
  • keeping a baby book - stopped keeping that after a few months
  • an ongoing "baby memory" file system - kept it diligently for three months
  • photo books for family members - a few pages designed

I've come across this pin on pinterest at least ten different times, but i have never pinned it, even though I think it's kinda funny. 

Pinning it feels like I am saying that this is me, identifying myself
as a non-finisher.  And I don't want to be labeled as such.

I want to be a finisher!

In fact, two of my goals this year are in line with this 'finisher' business:

1. To keep this blog
(shhhh - I must admit I have attempted other blogs in the past)

2. To participate in the entire p.52 photo challenge
(shhh - struggling to find a photo for last week's subject)

Now - let me go and finish up some work! :)


  1. Oh, Julie...I think you and I could be great friends, and probably great support for each other. Thank you for finding my blog, and I hope I can be a source of encouragement for you, and you can help keep me accountable:)

    1. Sarah - I just realized I never wrote you back! I'm so sorry. Kinda goes along with this post, huh? I have actually responded to every post on the blog - except this!! apologies!! Anyways, i'm so glad you visited my blog and am glad I found yours too!!