Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amazon.com deal: $10 gift card for $5

Typically I'm not a huge fan of the "deal of the day" shopping sites. Specifically because of a bad experience with Living Social, which has since been acquired by Amazon and is now Amazon Local. 

Who has a great deal today.  And I'm a big Amazon fan. big.  And maybe they'll handle things differently than Living Social did.

Anyways, the deal: $5 for a $10 Amazon gift card.

Mind the fine print - one per houseshold. 

Not a fan of one per household in this case. I imagine there are many households where two people (ie, me and my husband) would want this deal.  Why can't multiple people in a house redeem this offer? I understand one per email and one per customer, but one per household? 

How does one choose who gets the gc?  My husband and I both purchased today, so we shall see what happens. 

Keep you posted!


  1. love Amazon - i bought! and i'm a big fan of deal sites - though i haven't had a bad experience. will have to hear about yours....

    1. glad you bought! definitely a good deal. hope they offer it again soon! on $10 Amazon gift card for $5.