Thursday, March 8, 2012

Online shopping mood? Cute kids clothes and free shipping.

Found some cute stuff online for Buddy tonight.  Take a look:

1. Sesame Street t-shirt for buddy from Nordstrom. On sale for $13.90. Plus free shipping.

2. FEED t-shirt from FEED for buddy for $29. Good cause.

3. Yellow roll up cargo pants from Mini Boden. On sale for $22.10 (15% off and free shipping).

Decided to get the Sesame t-shirt and the adorable yellow pants tonight. Bought and bought!


  1. cute outfit for spring

  2. thank you! keep reading! :)

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    1. thanks David! Glad you found the site and that you like the info! Hope you become a regular! Julie

  4. Cute kids clothes

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    1. Yes - they are cute aren't they!!

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