Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Could it be an over-the-pond Etsy? Yep, another great shopping website!

Ok, I'm in love. with a new website. just over the pond.

Fantastic. Or bloody brilliant as our friends across that pond would say. It's a cross between Etsy type stuff and oh, any other site you're loving.

Actually, as I'm browsing the site looking for international shipping charges, I just found out that the reason it seems so similar to Etsy type stuff, is that it is in fact a site that features products from over 2,000 British small businesses.

But unlike Etsy (and do forgive me Etsy, because I love you), it's organized much like an online shop. So, much easier to browse and find items.

Ok - so back to shipping. It's a little bit high for me (I tend to pretty much only go for free shipping), but it isn't as much as I'd think for shipping internationally.

Here are some items that caught my eye right away during a quick peek around:

I'll add the links later -- so tired. Must go to bed. Quickly approaching 1am.  And I've just eaten eight Joe-Joe Cookies from Trader Joe's. 



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