Friday, February 24, 2012

25 words every toddler needs to know.

Came across this article this morning - 25 Words Every Toddler Should Be Using By Age Two.  I am happy to say that little buddy has 20 of them down already at 18 months (granted, milk is articulated as "mi" and more is "ma").

But as with all "milestones" - every child is different. some say more, some say less, but most of them are talking just fine when they hit high school. same with walking, eating, etc. For the most part, we're just on our own track.

Anyways, Here's the list of words (checked the ones buddy says):
  1. all gone - nope. UPDATE: √ as of 2/28
  2. baby √
  3. ball √
  4. banana √
  5. bath √
  6. bye bye √ 
  7. book √
  8. car √
  9. cat √
  10. cookie √ (as in the monster)
  11. daddy √
  12. dog √
  13. eye √
  14. hat - never tried to say it.  UPDATE: √ as of mid March
  15. hello/hi - √ (new to the vocab)
  16. hot - nope, but understands it.  UPDATE: √ as of mid March
  17. juice √
  18. milk √
  19. mommy √
  20. more √
  21. no √
  22. nose √
  23. shoe √
  24. thank you - no, do lots of two yr olds say that? excellent manners!  UPDATE: √ as of early April
  25. yes - and a'no. has tried a few times - hard to say. AND, makes up for it with no, no, no, no, no UPDATE: √ all the time says yes


  1. thanks for posting this list - My daughter hasn't come close to most of these words at 21 months lol! We better get a move on! haha!

  2. several of these words my son says the first two letters of - mi for milk, ma for more. the funny thing, i saw this list, so have been trying to teach him hat and all gone this weekend! but really - i am sure it's fine your daughter doesn't say a lot of these words. she prob. has other words and if she's like my guy, has a whole other language as well! it was more a fun list to look at than anything. julie