Monday, February 27, 2012

Throw the ball. Not the remote.

The little buddy is in full throwing mode. He's been throwing his food when he's done for a while already. But now we're expanding to, well - everything.

pile of items thrown by the buddy last night



stuffed animals.


remote controls.

pianos (toy, of course)

sippy cups.


I've been finding myself pretty much saying (over and over. and over again);
"Buddy, we don't throw things. no, please don't throw the food. let's put it on the plate and say all done!" or, "no buddy, let's not throw our blocks. let's put them down gently, like this. nice blocks. nice blocks."
I lamented to my mom that this hasn't been working, she made an excellent observation.
"It's probably confusing to him. you're teaching him how to throw a ball, but then he shouldn't throw anything else. he probably thinks he should throw everything".
Good point.  It must be confusing for him.

So, any advice on teaching no throwing without sounding like a broken record? (keep in mind, said record might be broken from child throwing it!)

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