Sunday, February 26, 2012

random oscar thoughts....

billy crystal
i like him. he's funny. clean cut humor, but with a slight 'ribbing' here and there. liked when he 'knew what people were thinking'. 

the show

always like the opening scene when they drop the host into the best picture nominees.  like the random funny peeps they brought in. chris rock. will ferrell and zach galifianakis. how funny was his own mispronunciation of his name. he is so funny. see his opening act when he first hosted SNL.   liked the 'wizard of oz' focus group. 

christopher plummer
love that he won.  yea!! such a classy guy. ever since he was captain von trapp, i've been a fan. 

swooning for captain von trapp

holy high slit in the dress. i can't help, but i just am not a fan of hers. she just doesn't seem that nice to me. but i do like her humanitarian and charitable efforts.

own wilson

that deadpan voice of his makes me laugh every time i hear it. can't help but think of him in, oh, every role he's ever done. especially in meet the parents.

natalie portman
does she know each of the best actors personally? i found it funny how she 'spoke' to them each....the tone as she said,  'gary'.  'brad'. 

when colin firth presented, he didn't use quite her tone and speak to them as though he knew them all. i think meryl was the only one he knew.

thoughts so far. i'm an hour behind. still got a ways to go.

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