Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pedicure fun.

Blue toes! I treated myself to a pedicure the other day and after selecting six shades of pink as my options, I decided to be a little daring* and ended up choosing light blue! Since I do not know what the name of this color is, I have nicknamed it "Thomas Blue" because it is the color of "Thomas the Train", which the little guy is loving these days.

*I typically don't get pedicures, and when I do, it always ends up being in the light pink family.

Do I like it? 

Why yes, I think I do. It's fun to look down and see happy blue toes.  But every so often, I look and think I look like I'm twelve years old. (But actually, what's wrong with that?) 

I'm already eyeing my next  color - orange!! Essie's Fear or Desire.

Essie Fear or Desire

Do you like the current array of rainbow colors that are so popular this summer?

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