Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to entertain a toddler on an airplane.

This post is a combo of both a recommendation and my p.52 photo challenge. 

First, the photo challenge portion....kaboom is the theme (subtitle: fireworks) for this week (week 27).  Yikes I say (I do not have any pictures of fireworks).

Okay - what do I have from the 4th of July? Well, we just returned home from a fantastic trip to San Diego, and we left on the 4th of July. Which also happened to be Buddy's 22nd month birthday.  

So, a photo of Buddy on the 4th of July. En route to San Diego. Enthralled in an episode of Thomas and wearing his own special earphones, which he loved. 

Which leads me to my recommendation of how to entertain a toddler on an airplane.  Forget little toys, forget books -- too many tchatchkes and hard to bring them all along and not drop them.  One item needed. 

Portable Media Device. 

Plus, kid-friendly earphones.  I recommend Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids.  

And your little one's favorite shows burned onto your media player.  Sesame Street. Thomas. Dora. Muppets. Arthur. Calliou. Toy Story. Any or all of the above.

We brought several episodes of Sesame Street and Thomas the Train along on our "portable media device" and it kept the little boy entertained almost the entire flight - there and home!  That's eight hours total.  

So, I want to write more about our trip to San Diego, but I'll keep this post shorter, since it's for the photo challenge too. Sorry my pic doesn't scream Kaboom - but it's as close to the theme as I got! 

And on a related note, the fireworks in San Diego happened to all go Kaboom at once. Twenty minutes worth of fireworks all went off at the same instant.  And it was right outside our hotel window - check it out.

Hope you all had a great 4th! 

P52 with Kent Weakley

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