Wednesday, July 4, 2012

P.52 photo challenge: week 26.

School's Out - this week's theme.

So, Buddy is too young for school and subsequently, for school to be out, but school being out sure signifies summer (cue's out, for summer...).  Even though it's been hot, hot, hot (cue music again) in the midwest for quite some time now.  And hot, hot, hot means water, water, water.

The little guy is absolutely in love with water and this last weekend, we enjoyed time in every type of water there --- water tables, sprinklers and even the fountain near the local Apple store.

Here are some pics of the happy little guy enjoying some sprinkler time!  Time to play!

P52 with Kent Weakley


  1. Oh yes! Children love the water! So cute - look at how much fun he's having!

    1. Thanks Skye! Funny thing- we went near the beach and he no longer was interested! Actually was quite hesitant!