Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer treats.

Little boy at a big table.
Summer treats! Yum! That's the subject of this week's (week 28) p.52 photo challenge.

We were visiting my grandma last weekend and amazingly, at 99, she is still setting out snacks and serving them to us when we visit.  The snacks usually consist of (see inset image): a small bowl of bugles (LOVE), a small bowl of Chex snack mix and her delicious bagel cookies (subject of this post). Sometimes a plate of kiwi or a dish of chocolates are part of the spread as well.

She has a specialty known as "bagel cookies" -- not sure exactly why they are called "bagel cookies", but they are. They are braided and twisted sugar-esque cookies and I grew up loving them. When my grandma used to live in Florida and would come to visit us, she'd bring dozens of bagel cookies for each of her children and present each family with a giant tinfoil package of her delicious cookies.

And now, anytime we visit, out comes a little plate of bagel cookies.  So, it was really fun when the little guy reached the age where he could taste the bagel cookies. And he loved them immediately! (I know, I should not be giving him cookies. But I find it very hard to say no to him ... but that's another post!).

So, every time we go, he happily grabs a few cookies and noshes away.  Here he is, enjoying one of his Summer Treats, aka Bubi's Bagel Cookies.


P52 with Kent Weakley

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