Saturday, May 19, 2012

P.52 photo challenge: week 20.

Mothers. That's the theme, appropriately right after Mother's Day.

I first celebrate my mom for being the  most wonderful mother in the world, for being an amazing, caring, loving, happy, inspirational, positive, open minded and strong person.  She is a great friend, mother in law, wife and grandma.  I could not ask for a better momma and I love her so very much.

I also celebrate my little boy and husband, for they made me a mom. And being a mom to Buddy is the most wonderful thing I could ever imagine. I just want to cuddle and kiss this wonderful little boy.

And that is what my photo is of - kissing my spectacular little boy, relishing and loving being Buddy's momma.  Oh how I love this boy!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


  1. Beautiful post, love the photo, he has the cutest little face!

    1. Michelle - thanks so much. I think he has a cute face too! :)

  2. A moment to treasure. So cute.