Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just in time for Mother's Day: cute and free online cards.

If there are other procrastinators out there or people who just like to send online cards (a fun way to brighten someone's day) - I found a great online e-card site,

I still think an actual hard copy of a card is best, but if, like me, you sometimes get around to it a little bit late (meaning: tomorrow is mother's day and I still haven't sent out cards), this is a very cute, classy way to send an e-card.

Punchbowl has lots of free choices, tons of different categories and customization options (you can change fonts, wording, colors, etc.)

And it's sent almost like it's an actual card - there's an envelope with stamp and label, you click to take the card out of the envelope and click again to open the card . There is even customizable envelope liner!

Take a look at the two cards I just created for my sisters-in-law.

cute right? I especially like the choice of fun fonts. Makes it more my style. Hope they like them too! And if either of them are reading this, I'm sorry I didn't send you physical cards in time! 

Happy Early Mother's Day to all the moms!!