Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marc Jacobs bag splurge.

I've been wanting a new bag for a long time (browsing pinterest will do that to you).  A nice bag. A fancy bag. And when I say fancy, I think I do mean designer.

But not an expensive designer bag; a more "reasonable" designer bag (If that isn't an oxymoron).

Point is - I'd like a new bag. A splurge bag. A treat.

I get most of my bags from Banana Republic and they have great bags -- stylish, high quality, long lifespan AND -- when Banana has a 30% or 40% off sale -- a great bargain.

On to my splurge bag. Maybe it will be a Mother's Day present for myself.  And I've identified Marc by Marc Jacobs as the maker of my bag.  There are three I love.  I've cut it to two, and now I need help deciding which one.

Here they are:
Little Tate Tote
Take Me Tote

Love the color. Love them both --- totally different, but not different enough to warrant both.

Normally I'd say Little Tate is more my style - I love the faux quilted look and it'd be a cute, fun, light everyday purse or diaper bag. But....Take Me Tote is just so shiny and pretty and sleek! and can oomph up any outfit....

Which do you like?


  1. Little Tate tote is adorable !! Check out Micheal Kors too .. Got one for xmas and love it !!
    New Follower

    1. It is cute isn't it! But I love them both!! Thanks for weighing in. I'll look at Michael Kors too. And Kate Spade had a big sale -- yesterday. :)