Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy 20 month birthday buddy.

I can't believe that my little boy is 20 months old today. It is amazing how fast it goes. And in the past two months he has been doing so so many new things.  He is talking in multi-word sentences, repeating everything, loving sports, spending hours throwing balls around the house, dancing, asking for what he wants more and more and really having great association with things. He also loves trying to take pictures with my camera - seriously.

I'm trying to find a new class to take with him on the days I don't work.  We have recently tried Li'l Kickers soccer class and today, Little Gym gymnastics class. Both seem slightly advanced -- he isn't really yet following directions from teachers in a class (ie, kick the ball, jump up and down), but he is able to understand and follow directions one on one (ie, from me).

Some of his new words - hockey, basketball, football (or as he says it - oh-toe-ball), soccer, baseball, southpaw, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Go Sox, big sun, draw big sun, draw purple sun (he's very into the sun), outside, mama outside, dada outside (also into being outside) bicycle, motorcycle, park, swings, shadows, cowboy....

He is saying more and more people's names - and remembering their names later or in pictures.

And his little personality comes out more and more. He is really a sweet, funny, loving, happy little boy.

So happy 20 months to my little bestie. Much love.

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  1. He's such a cutie! Doesn't time seem to be flying since you've had children too? I still can't believe my son is half way through 4 months old!