Friday, April 13, 2012

P.52 photo challenge: week 15.

Sacrifice is this week's theme.  Tough one.  Luckily, Darcy of the p.52 photo challenge expanded the theme to include any pics from last week's Passover or Easter holiday weekend.

Excellent. I have some options.  It was a big family weekend - my brother and sister in law, niece and nephew were in town and we had a great time with them.  Buddy had so much fun spending time with his cousins.  Naturally, with the three little guys together, many pictures were to be had.

So we had ourselves a little photo shoot.  I'm sure everyone knows how tough it can be to get multiple people all looking at the camera, smiling, with their eyes open and hands down at the same time.  Well, when the multiple people are multiple little kids, you have yourselves a party.

It was pretty funny - very cute and comical.  Here  are the results.

First pic. Very cute. All looking at camera. Cousin O wants his shoe off.

Super cute. Looking elsewhere but adorable.

OUTTAKES (for your enjoyment)
Um, where you going Cousin O? Cousin Z is getting smushed!
Buddy, what are you pointing at?
Home Alone face from Cousin Z.

Things are getting chaotic.

Photo shoot over.

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  1. I just found you thru a blog hop!
    Great photos!

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you visited! Hope you enjoy the blog! Julie

  2. great funny! enjoy your blog

    1. Thanks so much! So glad you like the blog. Keep on visiting!