Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo challenge from the paper mama.

I love these photo challenges. Though I have to admit (again) that I do them a bit retroactively.  I tend to go back to recent pictures and find a pic that I think fits the theme perfectly.  I know the goal is to go out and take pictures that fit the theme.

I need to get better at that. But I don't usually carry my big camera around with me outside of the house, and haven't had much time lately to go on a photo walk.  But with this new challenge, all the pics are of your children.

So, i definitely should be able to take the pics of the theme and try to stop the retroactivity!

Anyways, the theme is "Eyes".  Here's a pic of buddy giving me a wide eyed look as he drinks his milk.  Love the look.  He is one serious milk drinker.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


  1. This is a sweet photo. I like that all you can see are his BIG eyes!

    1. thanks for stopping by and for commenting! little boy big eyes! :)