Thursday, April 26, 2012

Online sale at Colette Kids!

I love Colette Kids.  I did a whole post about their adorable shirts a few weeks ago.  Well, today on My Habit, there is a sale on Colette Kids.

(For those unfamiliar with My Habit, it's the exclusive sale site for Amazon).  So - it makes your buying easy as can be if you've ever bought on Amazon (who hasn't!).  Just enter your Amazon log-in and shop away. Plus, you get free Amazon shipping!

So go. Now. Hurry. The t-shirts are $9 and $14 (comes with a bandana)* and they are going fast.

*Some shirts are sold only with bandana

I personally have no interest in the bandana - but it would help keep Buddy's shirts drool free. And he does love wearing his cowboy hat and riding on his rocking horse.  So, on second thought - perhaps a wonderful accessory for in the house.

Anyways, purchased three shirts for Buddy:


Super cute tees. Love them! Enjoy.

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