Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free printables that are super cute.

Just came across some adorable printables featuring from the website Q.A. Design.  These downloadables feature different states and countries and there are a ton to choose from.  And they are colorful, fun and free! Take a look at some:


Aren't they so cute?  I just printed this one for my desk at work:

And it would be really cute to frame a bunch for your house. You could do a collection of states you've lived in or locations you've visited, etc.

Thank you to Jenna at Q.A. Designs to offer these for free.  After I found these printables, I took a look around the rest of her site and saw that she has a blog design business.  Very talented - nice work and at a very reasonable price.  Take a trip on over to her site. Maybe searching for sesame street should use some of her services!

Ok - time to go. Evening snack time beckons. Out of Joe-Joe's, out of ice cream - looks like Cocoa Pebbles it is!


  1. I love these. I think its so great that you helped highlight her shop. I am going to use the state I am from and my fiance and in the middle our baby

    1. Aren't they cute! Thank you - I'm happy to highlight someone's work! :) Julie