Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dancing with the Stars: Gangnam Style.

Do you watch Dancing With The Stars?  More importantly, did you see Team Gangnam Style's dance from last night? It is awesome.

They are all (excluding Maks and Kirstie) great dancers. But WOW, Gilles and Peta are A-Mazing. And HOT. WOWZA.

Peta and Gilles

The dance was so much fun to watch.  And watch again.  Take a look.

I also loved Team Call Me Maybe's dance. It was adorable and fun. That's the "young" team I think. Apollo, Shawn, Sabrina and Melissa (though Melissa probably borders).

The other gang, Kirstie, Kelly, Gilles and Emmitt, 40+.  Interesting how the teams turned out that way.  Anyways, just a random thought I had when watching.

Back to the show.  Love Gilles & Peta. And Apollo & Karina. And Emmit & Cheryl and Shawn & Derek. And Kelly & Val are great too.  Hmm -this is getting hard.  Next to go, I'm thinking it has to be Kirstie & Maks.  And Melissa & Tony and Sabrina & Louie, both good, but not favorites of mine.



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