Sunday, October 21, 2012 new site and 30% off.

I found a new website yesterday:  It's part of the family, which is now owned by has been introducing new sites over the past year, including (household), (toys) and (pets).  They now have three new sites; (books), (wine) and (sports).

Okay, enough background, back to  First of all, it's adorable. Very eye catching, appealing, yet clean. I found it to be very inviting.  Take a look at the home page:

Second of all, they have a great introductory offer: 30% off on up to three books. Use code: BOOKWORM30.  First order only.

Third of all, while I LOVE Amazon dearly (and buy from there WAY too much), it's nice to have a focused site to search for books. Almost like going to a little book store.  Since it's new, they don't yet have the extent of customer reviews like Amazon, and not as many "If you like this, you may like...." options, but that will come with time.

However, they do not offer free shipping like Amazon does.  Well, they do if the order is $49 or more. But how often do you spend $50 at one time on books? But it's a flat $4.99, so not TOO bad.  Plus, the 30% should definitely offset the price of shipping ... so it's worth a try.  I'll let you know how things go once I place my order.

Gotta go and pick some books for the little guy now!

ps - please share your favorite books for your kids, we're looking to stock up on some new stories.

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