Monday, August 6, 2012

Sale: cute boy's clothing at

I just came across two new adorable clothing brands for kids: Upper School and Colorfast.  Both are currently on sale at and can be found here, in the Back to School: Late Summer Styles for Boys section.

I went to both brands' individual websites, Colorfast  and Upper School and the deals on My Habit are quite good.  We're talking $39 shirts on sale for $16.

Plus, on the individual sites, most of these items are not available, they are sold out!  I'm looking for boy's clothes, but they have lots of cute girl's clothing too!

Here's a little sampling of some of the cute boy's items:

So, take a look on My Habit, and then bookmark these two sites because these are really cute brands!


  1. I *love* my habit ... and check out zulily too - its the same kind of website! ALways having great finds on there! I could spend wayyy too much daily!!

    1. Yes, I like zulilly! However, i really like free shipping, which My Habit offers, so I tend to buy from there more!