Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cupcakes: Crumbs vs. Sprinkles.

Ok, time to talk cupcakes. I love them. All kinds.  And there are so many cupcake shops, but let's go straight to the big three: Crumbs, Magnolia and Sprinkles.

Which is the best?

I unequivocally vote for Crumbs.  If you've been here before, you'll know that I have raved about the Ba Ba Booey Crumbs Cupcake. It is divine. DIVINE.

Others prefer Magnolia, which I am not a fan of - at all. And many people love Sprinkles, so the other night, I was nearby, and decided to give Sprinkles a whirl.  I knew that I've had Sprinkles in the past, but I honestly couldn't remember.

Not a great sign for a cupcake.

I ordered the Carrot Cupcake and it was good, no doubt about it.  But it's no Crumbs.

So, since it was so long ago that I had Magnolia, I'd like to knock them out of this conversation and talk a little more about Crumbs vs. Sprinkles and the reasons why Crumbs wins my cupcake war.

Crumbs: Three sizes offered - taste, classic and signature with the signature weighing in at six ounces and measuring over four inches tall!

Sprinkles: I would say that their cupcake is the size of the classic at Crumbs.

Winner: Crumbs

Crumbs: Over 50 varieties, at least 30 flavors/store. Names include: Cotton Candy, Grasshopper, Happy Birthday, Ba-Ba-Booey, Mudslide, S'mores and Vanilla Sprinkle.

Sprinkles: 26 flavors, 12 flavors at a store/day. Names include: mocha, coconut, chocolate, lemon and red velvet (no need for uppercase because they're just flavors). And almost all are made with dark belgian chocolate - even their milk chocolate cupcake is made with dark belgian chocolate!

Winner: Crumbs


Need I say more?

Winner: Crumbs

Obviously the most subjective of the criteria.  For me, there was no question.

Winner: Crumbs, Crumbs, Crumbs

Customer service
Experience at Crumbs:
Me: Excuse me, what's in the Ba-Ba-Booey?
Crumbs Employee: Oh, that's a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter filling, topped with peanut butter and chocolate icing and mini peanut butter chips.
Me: Great, and what about the Good Guy?
Crumbs Employee: Oh, that is a vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles baked in vanilla buttercream frosting and topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and covered with rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate drizzle. 
Experience at Sprinkles:
Me: Excuse me, are any of your cupcakes milk chocolate?
Sprinkles Employee: Seriously? Duh, no! All of our cupcakes are dark chocolate. Obviously! (ok, seriously, duh and obviously were not used, but I am using them to convey the tone and attitude of the employee)
Winner: Crumbs

Happiness Factor
Feeling Happy?
In all seriousness, just looking at Crumbs cupcakes makes me smile. It's almost like you automatically feel happy looking at them! And tasting them - forget about it! Your happiness factor goes up instantly!

Winner: Crumbs

Do you agree? Disagree with a passion? Let me know -- though
I seem very steadfast in my love affair with Crumbs, I am open to other cupcakes! and opinions!

ps - If you haven't been to Crumbs yet, you must try it! You will love it - I promise!!


  1. Yum! I wasn't craving sweets until I just looked at your pictures!

    I'm stopping by from the GFC blog hop :)
    followme@ www.studentswife.com

    1. Funny - same here! I was really craving a cupcake while writing this! Thanks for stopping by! Julie

  2. I haven't had the oppurnity to go to Crumbs, but I am a firm non-Sprinkles fan. Maybe it was just over-hyped to me but when I had a taste of the red velvet (which is my #1 favorite cake flavor in general mind you) I literally took one bite and had enough. I had to spit it out. I was super confused- how could this be so wrong?! But, I do watch Cupcake Wars on TLC and really like the judge who is also the founder of Sprinkles. But as far as eating another one...nope. I will not.

    I love the pictures you used btw. Really depicted the differences well!


    1. I agree on the overhype. And while I definitely didn't want to spit it out, I couldn't believe people LOVE them. I've never watched Cupcake Wars, but I think I'd love it (and eat even more cupcakes)! So glad you liked the pictures! Thanks for stopping by - hope you come back again. Julie

  3. These sprinkles make a great presentation and I am very exited to have them after seeing those pictures of your blog.

    1. Oh, I hope you enjoy! Let me know - and you know what, they look this good in person too. It's like a burst of happiness looking at them! And even more eating them! :) Thanks for stopping by. Julie

  4. Love this post, ha. Let's visit Crumbs next week during lunch? I am also not a dark chocolate fan - yuck.

    1. Thanks Martha! :) Would love to go to Crumbs - it's a date!!

  5. yummy. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  6. Exactly why Crumbs should stay open!